NMC Commission on Standards and Excellence

Since its creation in 1993, the New Media Consortium (NMC) has been a recognized leader in the fields of new media and new media arts, with a practitioner-focused approach to the programs and activities it sponsored. For some time now, we have been hearing from degree-granting programs in new media studies and new media arts that a new model of external review and validation is needed that reflects the uniquely dynamic nature of these programs. Currently there is no umbrella organization or mechanism to help these programs assess their quality. After considerable research and study, we have decided to take on that role as a major new thrust of the NMC.

With the formation of the Commission for Standards and Excellence in October 2009, the New Media Consortium has committed to work with the field to create a new model of programmatic review and certification that will be especially designed for the ever-changing ecosystem in which new media programs operate. After nearly nine months of background research and preparation, we are now ready to engage with the field at large as we begin work in earnest to craft a set of Purposes for the Commission, to articulate its Core Values, and to start work on the Criteria that will form the foundation for this mode.

The NMC has been engaged in thinking about how to further develop the field of new media for some time now, with ongoing conversations taking place at the board level beginning in August of 2009, a focus session at the NMC's Campus Leader's Advisory Board meeting in February, 2010, and the inaugural meeting of the Commission on Standards and Excellence in April 2010. A town meeting is planned for the NMC Summer Conference to engage the entire membership.

This site has been designated as the workspace for the Commission, and will house the record our work history, our reflections, and much more.

What's New!

  • A Town Meeting of the NMC community is planned for the NMC's Summer Conference in Anaheim on Friday June 11, 2010, from 9:00-10:15 am.
  • Tag your San Antonio pics with "NMC CSE"! Here is the starter set of pictures!
  • Joan Falkenberg Getman of Cornell University has accepted the role of Chair of the Commission on Standards and Excellence.
  • The Commission's work to date has been captured on this wiki, which is currently edited by the attendees of the inaugural meeting of the Commission in San Antonio, Texas April 19-22, 2010. The complete visual record of the Commission's early work is now posted here.

Archive of Working Groups and Activities

Background and Reference Materials

Over time, we plan to create a broad set of reference materials in support of the work of the Commission. The initial sets of these materials appear below.

Commission Members

The inaugural members of the Commission on Standards and Excellence will be selected soon, and when they are, a listing will be provided here.