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Excellence, and Nothing Less

Whether you call new media a field, a discipline or an interdisciplinary movement, one thing is clear: new media is pervasive. Witness the rampant calls for 21st century literacies rooted in the digital, or the transformation of academic programs through the potentials of media technologies. As new media expands in diverse directions, encompassing design, transforming art, and reimagining the humanities and sciences through storytelling and visualization, it's time to stop and take stock, reflecting on the ways the particular insights and practices of new media might help us revitalize not just a field or a discipline, but contemporary education itself. To do this, though, we must avoid the lack of rigor that may come with ubiquity and instead understand the unique potentials of new media, highlight its powerful paradigms and articulate shared expectations for nothing less than excellence.
Holly Willis, Institute for Multimedia Literacy, University of Southern California

Visual Record of the Holly Willis keynote

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  • I think the point that resonated with me the most is Lesson #3, the value of (mis)appropriations. Holly talked about making critical, creative derivative works, sometimes in ways that were never intended by the makers of the original media. She pointed out that such "misappropriation" is in fact a valid way to claim ownership of the tools of new media -- and to demonstrate mastery of both concept and process. - ninmah ninmah May 13, 2010
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