NMC Campus Leaders Advisory Board

The NMC Campus Leaders Advisory Board (C-LAB) is a group of several hundred campus leaders who are engaged in supporting or leading new media efforts on college, univeristy, and museum campuses. At their annual meeting in Austin in February 2010, the C-LAB took up the topic of standards and excellence with a set of recommendations and advice to the Commission, which was to meet a few weeks later. The following are the visual records of those conversations.

Visual Record of the discussions around standards and accreditation from the February 2010 C-LAB meeting.

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  • For reference, the questions that were asked were as follows: 1) What issues should the commission consider? 2) What advice would you give to the commission, if you were there in the room when it was formed? and 3) What do you think a site visit team for new media accreditation should look at or do? - ninmah ninmah May 13, 2010
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